advertising campaigns

Advertising in traditional or online media, as well as positioning activities should be consistent with other promotional activities of the company, including public relations activities.

When implementing advertising campaigns, we put your goal first and always use the budget entrusted to us optimally. We make sure that our activities are effective, and we prepare a report containing the results of our work for each implementation.

advertising campaign strategy

• we offer development of advertising campaign strategies for your company. We will also ensure that our proposals are consistent with other promotional activities. We will take care of both creation and media strategy, as well as define promotion effectiveness indicators. Our offer also includes professional implementation of the proposed activities and analysis of their effectiveness,

development of media plan

• our offer also includes the development of a detailed media plan. Based on many years of experience, we will select the appropriate media in line with the campaign goal and industry requirements, as well as negotiate the most favorable financial conditions. We also provide mediation in the purchase of utilities taking into account your budget, so as to facilitate the entire order processing process as much as possible,

advertising creations

• we will design both press and online ads for you. We will make sure that they are consistent with the visual identity of your brand, and at the same time that they achieve their goal. We also offer advertising for radio and television advertising. We will write a script and create effective content, taking into account website positioning and campaigns on Google,

content marketing campaigns

• The creation of good and valuable content is an integral part of advertising. Even the best implementations of graphic designs should be supported by valuable content. This creates effective advertising that sells your product or service. The e-commerce industry can certainly benefit from good content marketing.

Google advertising campaigns

• as part of our offer we prepare effective texts for SEO, thanks to which websites and online stores become more visible in Google search engine. Based on the information we have collected and using the best tools on the market, we will create unique and attractive content presenting your offer and services. we prepare effective adwords campaigns that make advertising reach your customers. We make sure that online stores are visible in the Google search engine, providing new content and creating attractive promotional materials. We will monitor the progress of the campaign on an ongoing basis, which will allow for efficient optimization of ongoing advertising and thus increasing the possibility of reaching the target group,

sponsored articles

• as part of our activities we will write or edit sponsored articles. Relevant, specialized content that will appear in the printed press or on the Internet portal will certainly create a positive and positive image of your brand or product. Thanks to them, your chance to reach potential customers and company visibility will increase,

advertising campaigns on social media

• our offer also includes design and implementation of advertising activities in social media. With the right advertising, you can gain more engagement under the posts of potential customers interested in your company's activities or a specific product. It is also a good way to further promote the event and complement the activities in google ads,

We are a marketing agency whose home is Wrocław. However, we believe that the distance is not an obstacle, so we can meet in the place indicated by you. During our meeting, we will present the best advertising options for you, as well as a detailed offer. Let’s get to know each other!

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