public relations

How to reach a wide range of customers? Promote a completely new brand or give publicity to an existing one? And at the same time support the sale of products or services?

Answer: public relations. It’s an effective way to promote your business. We will tell you in which direction your services and company should develop, and we will show you how to communicate this to your surroundings.

company image audit

• we will carry out an image audit of the company, determine your target group, and analyze competitors' activities. On this basis, we will create a detailed PR action plan tailored to your assumptions and goals, as well as a schedule implementing it,

preparation of press information

• we will prepare valuable and substantively attractive press release on a topic agreed with you. This can be, for example, guide material supported by an expert statement or a message about what is going on in your company. The material prepared in this way, together with properly prepared photos or graphic materials, will be sent to previously selected media, and we will also ensure proper interest in these materials,

media monitoring

• we will monitor the progress of media publications about your company on an ongoing basis and report them accordingly,

media relations

• we know how important your time is. Therefore, on your behalf we will answer all questions from journalists, both by e-mail and by phone. We will provide them with all necessary information, constantly ensuring the best image of your company,

building a press and internet media database

• we will build a press and internet media base. We will prepare a list of titles of printed magazines, internet portals along with e-mail and telephone contacts to the editorial office. We will adapt their specifics to your industry, as well as to the subject of press information that you will want to put in the media,

running a press office

• we run the press office of the company, and if necessary we will prepare additional promotional content and statements of your experts tailored to the queries of journalists,

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content marketing

Words properly written have great impact on the company’s environment. That is why we weigh with the utmost care so as to precisely reach your target group.

By means of content we are able to “sell” any product or service.


• We create professional and valuable content for company websites and descriptions for online stores - including SEO, keywords for better positioning of websites in Google search results.

content for websites and social media

• we create and run company blogs, guide websites, create valuable content supporting communication with the environment. We also operate in social media.

expert content

• we prepare thematic articles based on substantive data, discussing issues related to the company, its history and the services and products it offers.

newsletters and mailings

• we develop newsletters and mailings, which are an important source of information on the activities carried out by the company.

content for e-commerce

• we write product descriptions that effectively support the e-commerce industry, being a supplement to the product presentation in an online store. Properly constructed content based on keywords increases the chance of reaching a potential customer.

content creation in foreign languages

• we prepare high quality content in foreign languages. Our native speakers develop marketing materials and product descriptions, including in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, French and Spanish.

content marketing

• we develop company publications, tools supporting communication of the company with the environment, among others catalogs, folders, magazines and newsletters, in online and printed versions.

creating animations and graphics

• We create eye-catching, visually appealing graphics and animations that work great in content marketing.

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advertising campaigns

Advertising in traditional or online media should be consistent with other promotional activities of the company, including PR activities.

When implementing advertising campaigns, we put your goal first and always use the budget entrusted to us optimally.

advertising campaign strategy

• we offer development of advertising campaign strategies for your company and we will make sure that they are consistent with other promotional activities. We will take care of both creation and media strategy, as well as determine the indicators of the effectiveness of the promotion

development of media plan

• we guarantee the development of a media plan. Based on many years of experience, we will select the appropriate media in line with the goal of the campaign, and will also negotiate the most favorable financial conditions. We also provide mediation in the purchase of media so as to facilitate the entire process as much as possible

preparation of commercials for radio and television

• preparation of magazines, newsletters (also online)

advertising creations

• we will design both press and online ads for you. We will make sure that they are consistent with the visual identity of your brand, and at the same time that they achieve their goal. We also offer advertising for radio and television. We will write a script and create effective content, taking into account website positioning

editing of sponsored articles

• write or edit sponsored articles that will create a positive and positive image of your brand or product

negotiating advertising offers and brokering the purchase of media

• we negotiate favorable financial conditions for the purchase of advertising space

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When running a website, it’s worth investing in search engine optimization (SEO). Appropriate treatments will make your website not only liked by customers, but also Google search engine. Positioning in organic Google search results is one of the key channels to reach customers.

We will effectively take care of your site’s high positions, thus increasing the number of visits to it.

technical audit of the website's SEO

• we will analyze your website in technical terms, check its visibility in the search engine and how it looks in the Google My Business card. Our comments will be presented in the audit with proposed changes that will eliminate existing errors and make the search engine position significantly improve

website optimization

• we will carefully look at your website and adapt all content, but also optimize graphics and code to improve the speed of the website

SEO copywriting

• we will create high-quality content friendly to both your clients and search engines. This will be possible thanks to the appropriate content layout, the optimal number of characters, as well as specially selected phrases and keywords

obtaining backlinks

• we will check the profile of inbound links to your site and ensure their natural growth from high-quality websites. As a result, your site will receive additional traffic from referring sites

monitoring of selected keywords and reporting

• We will prepare a list of keywords that are particularly important for your business. Our activities will focus on improving the position of these phrases in Google search results, and the results of our activities will be presented in monthly reports.

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A website is not everything. You need to be seen to reach the customer. We will implement properly selected search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, thanks to which your message will reach your clients (target group).

Thanks to our help, you will get a clearly defined direction of development and an idea on how to best communicate this to your surrounding.

Google Ads campaigns

• we provide comprehensive service. We will prepare Google Ads (Adwords) sponsored links campaigns for you. We will take care of text, graphic, marketing, video ads as well as those containing a list of products.

Google Display Network campaigns

• we will take care of your brand image and strengthen sales thanks to effective graphic ads. We will design and implement a campaign that will lead potential customers to activities and generate such desired conversions

web analytics

• we will also take care of Ads (Adwords) and display campaigns. We will monitor progress on an ongoing basis and, if necessary, optimize the campaign in such a way as to achieve the intended goal


• all paid campaigns will be designed and implemented in such a way as to make the best use of the advertising budget entrusted to us

development of media plan

• the schedule of advertising presence in the media

training in communication, marketing, public relations and public speaking

• we are happy to share our own experience

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social media

Dynamically changing social media is a channel for directly reaching your current as well as future customers. It is also a great way to create an engaged community that will not only support your service or product, but also recommend it to others.

Social media marketing based on dialogue allows you to better understand the needs of consumers and market trends, and thus adapt the product or service to their requirements. It’s also a good way to support sales or direct sales. That is for the success of your company.

social media strategy

• we will develop a strategy for your company's presence in social media, as well as prepare the appropriate form of communication. After the analysis and preliminary conversations, we will choose social media channels that will allow you to reach your recipients and thus achieve your goals,

service of company accounts in social media

• we operate in social media such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We know these portals and we also observe changing trends, changes in algorithms and the introduction of new functions, which allows us to customize communication activities. And that translates into success in social media marketing,

community building

• through our activities we will build an engaged community centered around your company and product, as well as arouse and maintain their interest in your service and brand,

advertising campaigns on social media

• our tasks will also include a paid campaign on Facebook and Instagram consistent with your goals and assumptions. Advertising on these social media will complement organic activities.

social media content marketing

• we will prepare relevant content that we will publish according to a predetermined schedule,

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graphic design

There are situations when an image can convey more than a thousand words. A well-chosen graphics or logo strengthens every message.

We create graphic materials that perfectly illustrate your product or service.

visual identification

• we develop a visual identification system in the form of a mark book, thus creating a coherent brand image. Starting from the design of the company logo, through the selection of colors, fonts, and ending with the graphic design of promotional and marketing materials. This will create a unique branding for the company,

visual communication

• we prepare letterhead, business card designs / business card design, create graphic designs and leaflets, brochures, posters, banners and other forms of advertising. They will be consistent with your visual identity.


• we design simple websites and extensive platforms,

infographics and animations

• we create infographics and animations, i.e. very popular forms of identification and presentation of information in an accessible and simple way,

photography sessions

• we conduct photo sessions and spherical panoramas, we organize professional photo sessions for people in the studio, as well as products, interiors and buildings,

publishing projects

• we design company publishing houses, newsletters and mailings, prepare layouts for paper and electronic magazines

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We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our service packages, in which you will find more comprehensive sets of activities for demanding customers.