public relations

How to reach a wide range of customers? Promote a completely new brand or give publicity to an existing one? And at the same time support the sale of products or services?

Answer: public relations. It’s an effective way to promote your business. We will tell you in which direction your services and company should develop, and we will show you how to communicate this to your surroundings.

company image audit

• we will carry out an image audit of the company, during which we will thoroughly examine how your company is perceived by the environment, what were its current communication methods, and then we will determine your target group, as well as analyze the activities of the competition. Based on the audit, we will present an offer for your organization and the costs of its implementation.

public relations strategy

• based on a previous image audit, we will create a detailed PR action plan tailored to your assumptions and goals, which will positively affect the marketing of your company, as well as the schedule implementing it. In the strategy, we will specify communication channels, the nature of content, tools and indicators for measuring the effectiveness of the agency's activities. We will also consider optimizing operations.

building press and internet media

• our agency will build a dedicated press and internet media base for you. We will prepare a list of titles of printed magazines and internet portals. We will adapt their specifics to your industry, target group and the topic of press information that you will want to put in the media,

preparation of press information

• we will prepare valuable and substantively attractive press release on a topic agreed with you and in consultation with the marketing department in your company. This can be, for example, guide material supported by an expert's statement, a message about what is going on in your company or a material about your products or services,

sending press releases

• we will send previously prepared materials together with properly prepared photos or graphic or video materials to previously selected media and to specific journalists, and we will also ensure proper interest in these materials. The work of our agency will increase the chances of publishing these materials in online or printed media, as well as in relevant social media,

media relations

• we know how important your time is. Therefore, on your behalf we will answer all questions from journalists, both by e-mail and by phone. Caring for the good marketing of your company, we can also meet the journalist in person to determine the details of cooperation and public relations campaign. We will provide them with all necessary information, constantly ensuring the best image of your company.

running a press office

• our agency will also gladly lead your company's press office. If necessary, we will prepare additional promotional content and statements of your experts tailored to the queries of journalists and in line with previously prepared strategies and aimed at promoting your services and products. If the need arises, we will consult them with your company's marketing department beforehand.

media monitoring

• we will monitor the progress of media publications about your company on an ongoing basis, both in the printed and online areas, as well as social media. We will make sure that the publications have the best impact on the image of your company. At the end of each month of cooperation, all articles can be found in a specially prepared report.

external employer branding

• we will help you create the image of an attractive employer on the labor market. We will make your company stand out from the competition, thanks to which you will attract specialists in relevant fields, and recruitment will become a real pleasure. We will start with the analysis of messages addressed to potential candidates. We will prepare relevant texts for your brand's website and content for social media channels, as well as verify ongoing employer branding campaigns.

Internal PR

• we know that good PR inside an enterprise is the basis for good communication and management of an organization consisting of people. Good communication translates into the atmosphere in the company, employee satisfaction and their efficiency. Our agency will help improve communication within the organization, using a package of appropriate tools, such as events, company competitions and employee newsletters.

The heart of our PR agency is beating in Wrocław, but we are operating throughout the country, also abroad. We are mobile, which is why we are happy to meet you anywhere. We have been implementing PR campaigns at the highest level since 2012. We help in building the image of new brands as well as clients with an established market position. We will gladly support marketing and social media activities also of your brand.

Welcome! We are happy to answer all your questions. Contact us and learn about the advantages of public relations service offered by us.

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