social media

Dynamically changing social media is a channel for directly reaching your current as well as future customers. It is also a great way to create an engaged community that will not only support your service or product, but also recommend it to others.

Social media marketing based on dialogue allows you to better understand the needs of consumers and market trends, and thus adapt the product or service to their requirements. It’s also a good way to support sales or direct sales. That is for the success of your company.

social media strategy

• we will develop a strategy for your company's presence in social media, as well as prepare the appropriate form of communication. After the analysis and preliminary conversations, we will choose social media channels that will present your company and allow reaching the recipients, and thus achieving the goals,

social media content marketing

• we create relevant content that we publish according to a predetermined schedule. We take on Facebook and other social media, engage fans, and respond to user comments

service of company accounts in social media

• we operate in social media such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. We are an agency that constantly observes the media, information, trends, changes in algorithms and the introduction of new functions, which allows us to customize communication activities. And this translates into the success of your fanpage in social media,

community building

• we are an agency that knows the ins and outs of social media. Through our activities, we build an engaged community centered around your company and product, and we will also ensure an increase in interest in your service and brand,

real time marketing

• running FB requires quick response to current world and internet events. Our team uses timeliness information to interest and engage fans. We use our experience in the field of social media marketing and public relations in creating the brand image,

advertising campaigns on social media

• our tasks will also include a paid campaign on Facebook and Instagram consistent with your goals and assumptions. Advertising on Facebook and other social media will complement the organic activities.

social media agency

• we will ensure that your company's advertisement is effective in all social media channels. We are open to the use of new tools and are constantly developing.

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