A website is not enough to get to the customer, you have to be noticed. Business information must appear on the first page of Google search.

We will implement properly selected SEM campaigns, thanks to which your message will reach the target group and the position of websites in Google search results will increase.

Google Ads campaigns

• we provide comprehensive service. We will prepare Google Ads advertising campaigns for you. We will take care of Google ads in the form of text, graphics, marketing, video, as well as that containing a list of products for online stores.

Google Display Network campaigns

• we will take care of your brand image and strengthen sales thanks to effective image ads on Google. We will design Google ads to make them visible on the search network. We will implement a campaign that will lead potential customers to actions and also generate an increase in desired clicks.

Google campaign on the search network

• according to your instructions, a paid advertisement will be created on Google, referring to the offer, containing information about the product or company. The Google Adwords campaign we plan will include text ads targeted to web searches. Please be assured that our Google Ads advertisement will increase the visibility of your company's offer.


• we choose the right keywords by collecting information on Google so that your ad is effective in Google Ads,

sponsored links

• we will adapt your offer to the requirements of Google Ads, so that the advertisement in the form of sponsored links contains the most important information and its cost is profitable

campaign types

• depending on your needs, we will choose the best form of campaign in Google Adwords so that the advertisement is effective and does not violate the protection of clients' personal data,

positioning of the page

• by running a Google Adwords campaign for you, we will ensure that your website appears in the first Google search results,

web analytics

we will also take care of Google Ads campaign in search engine and Google Display Network. We will monitor progress on a regular basis and check website results in Google Analytics, among others. If necessary, we will optimize Google Ads campaigns in such a way as to achieve the intended goal. We will regularly send campaign results from Google Analytics. Thanks to the professional analysis of Google search engine, the advertisement created by us will contain the information that customers are looking for.


• we carefully design and implement all campaigns in such a way that we make the best use of the advertising budget entrusted to us. We will make sure that the cost of advertising on Google Adwords is as low as possible thanks to well-chosen tools

Effective campaign on Google Adwords? We will answer all your questions!

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our service packages, in which you will find more comprehensive sets of activities for demanding customers.