When running a website, it is worth investing in SEO activities, i.e. website positioning. Appropriate treatments will ensure that your website is liked not only by customers, but also Google robots. Positioning in organic Google search results is one of the key channels to reach customers. It can be said that this is hidden advertising of your company and activities.

We will effectively take care of the high positions of your websites, thereby increasing the number of visits to them, as well as placing them high in the search results. Our website positioning offer includes the following items.

technical audit of the website's SEO

• we analyze your website, as well as what position it occupies in Google search engine and what its business card looks like in Google My Business. We will present our comments in the report together with proposed changes that will eliminate existing errors and make the search engine position significantly improve. And thus, your company's chances of reaching potential customers will increase

optimization of web content

• we will carefully look at your website and analyze all the content on it, from the "contact" tab, through the "offer" tab, to the "blog" tab. Then we will adapt them in such a way as to make Google the most robot-friendly. This will positively affect the page's growth in search results, and thus the positioning of the page

optimization of website graphics

• Good and creative graphics will not only make your company stand out from the rest of the industry, but may also affect the positioning of the pages. That is why we will analyze graphic content on your website and adjust it in terms of visibility in search engines

Google My Business

• A good business card in this tool is not only advertising for your company or service. Relevant content using the right phrases and graphics published at the right time have a real impact on website positioning


• the next step will be to generate a list of words and key phrases to which your website should be positioned and take actions that will result in a growth in Google search engine. A good website is not only customer-friendly but also Google-friendly. It should include, among others, the company's offer encapsulated with keywords

seo copywriting

• we will create high-quality content friendly to both your clients and search engines. This will be possible thanks to the appropriate content layout, the optimal number of characters, as well as specially selected phrases and keywords. We are sure that such activities have a positive impact on website positioning


• a well-maintained company blog is not only a great way to share knowledge, bring clients closer to your services or products, and consolidate the position of an expert in a given field. Content using key words and phrases will be more effective than many ads, and will also positively influence the positioning of pages

product descriptions

• product descriptions also affect site positioning. This is not only a good way to provide information about the products offered. Content saturated with relevant phrases and keywords will help raise the position of e-store pages in Google search engine.

We are an agency dealing with SEO from Wroclaw, but we will gladly meet in your office anywhere in Poland. At the meeting, we will present a positioning price list, discuss the positioning process, as well as a detailed offer tailored to your industry.

If you have any questions about website positioning and our activities please contact us.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our service packages, in which you will find more comprehensive sets of activities for demanding customers.